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About Consultant's Time ManagerĀ©

Consultant's Time Manager (given a user raiting of five stars for functionality) is the ideal iPhone App for the busy professional who does not want to spend their valuable time trying to get their work hours logged or their time sheets generated and sent off to either their customers or agents.

This app has an easy to use "Home Page" that allows the user to access all of the functions of the app from one screen. You can set up new billing partners, manage your time, or just "Go to Work" and record the days work time. Setting up new billing partners allows you to set up new agencies and clients to work with. You can manage the already logged work time by accessing the "Manage your Time" function. If you are continuing with a previous task, you can quickly restart the last work note on which you were working (by pressing the "Work Note" button) or change any part of the chain that makes up a "Project" quickly and efficiently, creating new Agencies, Clients, Projects, or Work Notes as needed without having to go through the "Setup Billing Partners button".

The "Time Logger Screen" is easy to use once the "Preferences Page" has been visited to set the time format and the time logging preferences. All the user needs to do is press "Start Task" on the "TIme Logger" screen and the logger will start keeping track of the time being spent working.

PLEASE NOTE: Double billing will be a thing of the past as neither the "Time Logger Screen" or the "Time Editor Screen" will allow for double recording of time already logged.

The "Preferences Screen" allows the user to set up where the raw time sheet info will be emailed when completed. It will also allow the user to set up the characteristics of the Time Logging process, such as 12 hr or 24 hr time entries and time increments for the "Time Logger".

In the first release of Consultant's Time Manager the app allows for the choice of either creating a CSV file time sheet or a CSV raw data file to be emailed. This is done during the "Time Sheet" generation process.

The "Time Editor Screen" will allow the user to adjust times (within limits) so that the correct time can be billed on all Projects. The "Time Editor Screen" can be reached either from the "Manage Time" button or the "Setup Billing Partners" button on the "Home Page"

Each screen in the app has its own unique help screen describing the buttons and windows on that screen. The user is then assured of getting the exact help that they need at any point in the app.

The Consultant's Time Manager helps the busy professional log work hours and generate time sheet data easily and efficiently.

Consultant's Time Manager(c) is now availabble on iTunes at: Consultant's Time Manager