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About Collector's Book Lite©

Collector’s Book Lite© is a quick and easy way for collectors to catalog any collection in unique ways. A user code can be set up to protect the collection and restrict access to the information. With Collector’s Book Lite you’ll have your collection at your fingertips making it convenient for shows or insurance purposes.

Collector’s Book Lite allows the collector to set up 10 different data fields for each piece in the collection. This gives the collector plenty of space to provide all the information they have on each piece.

Each field has one of four different types associated with it: string, long, float, or date. Each field is described by a label which is completely user defined. This allows for the user to select the information that is displayed for each item in a collection. Each piece in the collection also has a field for photographs.

Each piece in the collection can be photographed and the photo displayed along with the information about the item in the collection. This is what makes up the detail view of each piece.

Tapping the photograph on the detail page brings up the photo detail page. You can also easily move about the catalog from the detail page of a single item. While in detail mode and photo detail mode, pinching the screen will take the user back to the commands page which is page 0. Swiping backwards to page 0 will also bring the user back to the commands page. Swiping left or right, changes pages in the detail or photo detail pages.

The collector will easily find any piece in the collection by using the index page. The index page shows photos of each item and the user only has to tap the photo to get to the detail page of that piece in the collection.

Each collection can have a read/write-capable user code set up. Subsequent user codes can be restricted to read only if needed.

Collector’s Book Lite© is a quick and easy way for collectors to catalog their collections, protect their collection information and share their collection’s information at the touch of a button.