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About Jim Hall and the birth of JMHSoftware.Net

I am a professional software Engineer with 35 years of experience covering a vast array of subjects. I have been a Project Leader, a Fiber Channel Device Driver writer for a PCI Card on an IRIX (SGI) machine, a Senior Software engineer, a Firmware Engineer for an embedded X.29 communications board, and an Embedded Firmware Engineer for the MTS3100 automotive tester.

I have used The Apple iOS SDK to develop “Consultant’s Time Manager©” and the Collector’s Book© suite of apps which are now in the iTunes store. Consultant’s Time Manager© has gained a five star rating for functionality. It is a simple app that I designed for simplicity of use for my own consulting work. Not only do I use it but at least one of my customers thinks it has exceptional functionality.

I love to code. I wish to remain a Software/Firmware/Project lead (with lots of coding) for the rest of my career. I enjoy the entire range of tasks found in the software life-cycle and I can easily adapt to the current standards that exist for that purpose. Because of my long tenure in the Software industry I can pick up coding languages, communication protocols, and many different development environments quickly and effectively so I can quickly join in any project scheduling.

I love coding and every thing about it. I have been teaching myself Xcode and Objective-C and decided to form my own Mac iOS App development company called JMHSoftware.Net. I enjoyed the process of developing Consultant's Time Manager© and the Collector’s Book© suite, so please check out my apps in the iTunes store.