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About JMHSoftware.Net

JMHSoftware.Net is a company founded in 2010 in Santa Barbara, CA and is now in the San Jose / Santa Clara Valley area. The company specialized in developing iOS apps and will also do software consulting throughout the Silicon Valley. The founder will also take on full-time, permanent work as well. For the founder’s resume, please see the "About JIm Hall" page.

Jim Hall, the founder of JMHSoftware.Net, has over 35 years of software experience which he brings to any project and gives him a great understanding of how software and hardware work together and can be efficiently integrated. The coding that’s been done with his current apps (Collector’s Book© and Collector’s Book Lite©) has provided him with valuable experience which he wishes to continue in future projects he takes on.

JMHSoftware.Net’s first iOS app is Consultant's Time Manager©, which provides a new and useful way for consultants to log their time and to create time sheets from those logs. Consultant's Time Manager© has been released to the iTunes App store and is ready for purchase. For more information on Consultant's Time Manager© and our other products, see our "Products" page.